You are strongly involved, so are we.  As the global population continues to expand and precious natural resources deplete, the necessity to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner became an absolute must.  A key concern of PRECISION, sustainability has long been part of the bedrock of our business, and we’re dedicated to working with you and creating the sustainable packaging and aerosol solutions you expect to fullfill your customers’expectations toward sustainability.


As a worldwide leader in packaging dispensing solutions and aerosol solutions, PRECISION is dedicated to the practice of sound environmental stewardship. Our values originate with top management and are emphasized through all levels of responsibility across the organization.

 As such, the company shall:

  • Meet and exceed all environmental regulatory and compliance obligations.
  • Be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities where we operate.
  • Participate in recycling to reduce the impact to our land.
  • Protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution.
  • Commit to purchasing energy efficient equipment, environmentally preferable products and packaging supplies.
  • Reduce packaging through a close loop cycle with customers.
  • Endeavor to work with key supply partners and customers to reduce environmental impact across the end-to-end product/supply chain.
  • Reduce material content through innovation, minimizing waste and other process where possible.
  • Commit to the use of post-consumer recycled material where possible.
  • Reduction in emissions from transportation due to global footprint.
  • Evaluate our environmental performance by monitoring emissions, waste, electrical and water consumption.

PRECISION will strive to continuously improve our commitment to the above stated principles through exercise of our environmental management system and setting targets and actions for ongoing improvement.


Operating the largest global footprint in the aerosol solutionsand related dispensing solutions industry, PRECISION has sought to deliver economic sustainability since our founding in 1949.  In recent years, in addition to ongoing acquisitions of the latest state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we’ve intensified investment in our local facilities and communities, establishing new facilities in Thailand, France and the United States and expanding our existing facility in Germany.  While this reinvestment is critical to meet the needs of our growing customer base, it also facilitates PRECISION in further establishing ourselves as a leading global manufacturer of aerosol valves, actuators and related dispensing solutions.


A relentless commitment to safety is one of PRECISION’s guiding values and an important pillar in our commitment to social sustainability.  Conducting rigorous third party safety audits on an annual basis across our global footprint, we strive to continuously improve our outstanding safety performance record.  Further, while machinery and facility investments have been instrumental in driving economic sustainability, they are equally important to promoting social sustainability through local community economic growth and employment opportunities.