Metered Valve

Description A valve designed to deliver a specific volume dosage of product on every actuation - Dosage sizes vary - Uses special actuators

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Apasol Valve

DescriptionA valve designed specifically for Powder products - designed to keep the valve from clogging or leaking with powder products.  

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Gothic Spout 1 inch

DescriptionThis cup fitting actuator is dedicated to whipped cream delivery.The specific shape of its large chimney allows a nice expansion of the cream, for gourmet use.

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Frisco 1 inch

DescriptionFrisco is a cup fitting actuator designed for inverted use. Its large star allows a generous foam delivery and expansion.It goes with a standard transparent cap that can be coloured.

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DescriptionThis actuator is designed for “button on“ gassing and use with spray through domes designed for a separate button.

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Monticello 1″

DescriptionThis stem fitting mousse spout allows a very comfortable 45° upright dispensing. Thanks to its separated disk, you can personalize your packaging as you want. You can also add a…

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DescriptionThis stem fitting actuator offers a smooth design very valuable for personal care products.It allows the addition of a collar which will finish the design of your packaging.

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