Your Aerosol Actuators represent the visible, interactive component of your Aerosol Dispensing Solution, and along with the Aerosol Valve, are critical to your aerosol product performance. In addition to the strict performance, Aerosol Actuators must offer aesthetically and ergonomically appealing designs that are highly valued by your consumers and can weigh dramatically on your aerosol product selected at the point-of-purchase. PRECISION offers you a variety of Aerosol Actuators from stock button, small and large Dome or Spray Cap, Foam Spout, Trigger and Twist-Lock Aerosol Actuators, in addition to leading Aerosol Actuator Development and customization services.

Below a short selection of available Aerosol Actuators.

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  • Stem-fitting Buttons
  • Cup-fitting Actuators
  • Can-fitting Domes
  • Special Foam Spouts

PRECISION, the Modern Aerosol Industry Founder and Aerosol Valve World Leader since 1949 provides a multi-skilled team of Aerosol Experts and numerous local Technical Laboratories to support your Aerosol Actuator Development needs.
PRECISION’s Aerosol Actuator Range covers a variety of End-Use Markets, including Personal Care, Household and Insecticide, Food, Industrial, Paint, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary products.

Find additional Aerosol Actuators here: